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Friday, May 26, 2006

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3 postings in one day... this is an all-time high record...

hey... if anybody's bored... check out the link... fabio's back baby!! after you enter his kitchen of love, i think you can put together a "poem" with the refrigerator magnets. so, if anyone's feeling romantic, make up a poem for your loved ones ;)
Kitchen of Love

yes, i'm still alive... i know.. it's been 2 years. but i think i will start to try to update "more often" due to my friend's urging me to... so that we can "KIT" :)

...this pix was taken a few weeks ago at huntington library in pasadena,ca... it's really pretty and smells really good with all the blossoming flower. cool statue huh? here's a couple more pix of some other things at the lib...

...two kissing koi fishies...

...i had to put this one in too cuz the colors are so pretty!

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas everybody (and Happy New Year's too, just in the rare chance there won't be another entry before then) !!

It's been a while since my last blogg entry... a little over a week ago. I survived through my first crazy finals week in pharmacy school, although I'm more than sure that this is the easiest final schedule that I will encounter while in this four-year pharmacy program. When I walked out of my last final this past Friday, I told myself that any activity that I participate in over break will involve minimal mental activity. I didn't want to think about anything that had to do with drugs, it's method of action, and definitely not anything that had to do with the sympathetic system. Strangely enough, when I was watching one of the many exhilirating battle scenes of "The Lord of the Rings: The Ten Things", with my heart racing and sweaty palms, all I could think about was how the sympathetic system was kickin' in and making me feel the way I did. I guess all that studying paid off and I really did retain and learn something over these past months.

I've been home at my parents for the past few days and am now ready to go back home to my own apartment. As much as I missed my parents and the rest of my family, I yearn now to go my own home for some peace and quiet, and also a lil reflection time. I have done nothing in the past few days that I can honestly say is productive, unless sleeping, eating, and watching tv all day counts for something. I cannot believe that these words are actually coming out of my own mouth but.. I am getting tired and restless of being a lazy ass. I haven't worked out for almost three weeks and all this constant eating and sleeping is definitely not helping. I had set a small goal to accomplish during this winter week and I am now anxious to go home so that I can get started on it.

Hmmm... that's it... this is the most "thinking" that I have done for the past few days and is starting to give me a headache. Eat lots and have a very merry Christmas :D

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Last night, I went to the movies and saw "Love Actually" with Hugh Grant. And my review for this movie is four THUMBS up. Although the outcome of the events were a bit unrealistic (but maybe that's why it's a movie) it was a nice captivating movie. It makes one want to cuddle up next to someone else in this cold weather. Not only did the movie give my heart a warm, fuzzy feeling, it also me quite a few orgasmic laughs. It also reminded me of how things were so simple, sweet, and innocent. This is definitely a chick flick, but guys should go too. It will definitely score you brownie points with the girls. Ok... enough of this sappy stuff and on to a lingering question in regards to a movie I saw a few days earlier, "The Last Samurai"...

Are there still any samurais in Japan (not actually practicing warriors, but more so their culture and stuff)?

Friday, December 12, 2003

In regards to recent events I just wanted to put up a quick quote..

"I err sometimes... of course I am only human."

- Wise confucious... Z Pham

New Post! Five minutes later! What do I have to say? Time to sleep. okay.

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